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Refreshment Aboard


In this project mariners’ well-being, aboard offshore supply vessels, is studied in order to discover potential areas where design can make enhancements. The essential goal of this project is to establish a new approach to this matter. Since the contributing factors to habitability and well-being of seafarers are interdisciplinary aspects, a systematic approach is applied to study these various aspects in close connections. Also different methods of users study are used to grasp a deep insight into users situation.

The findings are then translated into a concept as an example of how the situation can be improved.
This solution is a refreshment and social spot that provides the opportunity for quick breaks throughout the tedious and repetitive routines; by offering food and an interactive platform for social interaction.

This solution can be installed on new offshore vessels that are being built, as well as existing vessels, since it’s a flexible solution that can be fitted into various locations effortlessly.

See the video at the end of the post.